Charlotta Falkman is the new chair of the Arbitration Institute

Charlotta Falkman has been appointed as chair of the Arbitration Institute (SCC). Charlotta has a been a member of the SCC Board since 1 January 2016, and its vice chair since 1 January 2019.

SCC is one of the world's leading arbitration institutes. As its chair Charlotta will lead the boards work, including the appointment of arbitrators, decisions on challenges to arbitrators, jurisdictional determinations, and procedural decisions regarding, for instance, the number of arbitrators, applicable rules and the determination of costs for the arbitration.

Charlotta looks forward to continue to contribute to develop SCC as a modern arbitration institute and its leading role in the legal society.

We at G&D are honoured that Charlotta is appointed chair of the SCC. It is a recognition of Charlotta's role as one of Sweden's most prominent arbitration lawyers.