Louise Wendleby winner of best commercial law thesis at Lund University 2019

Louise Wendleby, Associate at Gernandt & Danielsson since 2019, has won the award for best commercial law thesis at Lund University 2019. The winning thesis has the title ”Does the arbitral tribunal have jurisdiction? – A study on problems related to the arbitral tribunal’s interpretation of arbitration clauses in multi-contract contexts”. 

A business relationship between two commercial parties often consists of multiple contracts that are more or less connected to each other. In such a multi-contract context, it is possible that only one contract includes an arbitration clause while the other contracts lack arbitration clauses (or contain different arbitration clauses). If, in the future, a dispute arises which is not based directly on the contract with the arbitration clause but instead on any of the related contracts, it is uncertain under what circumstances the dispute is covered by the arbitration clause. The question of how an arbitral tribunal should assess its own jurisdiction in such a situation forms the basis for this paper. Read more here